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Snuggle up Close…

With a long blog typed up I press delete.

A lot of words may be how I’m trying to express what is in my head, but God narrowed it down.

Yes at the moment I am numb. And no reason why, just that he puts us through different seasons and this is my numb one. It’s been ongoing now for about 7 months. And that’s okay. I’ve had my days of sensation, but most are short lived. I know that I am to remain faithful and to love, no matter how numb I get. He has shown me my growth, and not to boast because this is nothing of my own doing. But I remember the last time I was numb I ran, I ran into sin and evil and selfishness. This time is different. This time I am pressing. Pressing into my Savior… into my Father. Trying to snuggle up close, even though I feel so far away. But having hope that joy will come in the morning and that my day of renewal will soon.

Pray with me.

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